The centrum hewelianum is an educational and recreational centre for all age groups situated on the grounds of the Fort Góra Gradowa. On the top of the hill you can find a small armoury which roof has a unique view to the panorama of the historic town and the industrial landscape of the shipyard grounds.

This location is easy recognizable as a place with a huge potential, as it works as a private hidden place where you can get away form the city and relax enjoying the amazing views. Although, the bad condition of the roof and the lack of sitting places makes IT useless.

The entrance to the place, the views angles, and preserving the essence of the fort as a secret place have been the main points to design the form of the bench. Green hillS curves, and the story of the wood floor can be seen in the materials and forms of the bench, specially in details as the top grass flowerpots. The new central location of the bench invite to discover this location, interact with people and enjoy the amazing city views.

Pointon bench is designed not only to recover the essence of the place but also to organize the space making it multifunctional and able to everyone. 


Pointon bench is based on an aluminium structure covered by polystyrene plastic wood slats and is divided in two pieces.

The main bench has two sides, each one with different functions. The front side function is to focus on watching the views, as a reason of that the ergonomics of the bench are designed in a more reclined way. The other side of the bench is designed as a meeting point for people interactions, for that reason the ergonomics in this side are more straight.

In the middle of this two parts, there is a large flower pot, that recreate the green top part of the Fort Góra Gradowa, reducing the impact of the bench form in the location and making it more natural.

The second part of the bench is a circular piece located at the end of it, this flat piece allows the public to interact and use it in different ways, such as bench, table, playground etc.

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